Pet Keepsakes & Decor Pricing


Dymond’s Paw is passionate about creating unique pet keepsakes and decor items. Have your favorite pet photo, scripture or saying displayed on your wall, your counter, at your desk, in your car, on your table, the possibilities are endless. In my home, pets are part of my family and pictures are lovingly adorned throughout my home signifying the importance of family. Don’t see what you want? No problem.  I can create that special memento for you, just send me an email with your request and let the creativity commence.


Feel free to browse through the collections and gallery to search for your favorite keepsake or decor item. All items include tax (shipping is additional). Additional charge may be added if additional colors are requested. To place an order please email us at:


Ornaments, Goblets & Wine Glasses : $7.00 (one sided), $8.00 (double-sided)

Decorative Plates (stand included): (4x4)-$7.00, (6x6)-$11.00

Tiles /Wood(stand included): (2x2)-$3.00, (4x4)-$7.00, (5x7 wood only)-$10.00(6x6)-$11.00,                (12x12)-$24.00

Frames: (8x10)-$34.00, (10x13)-$38.00

Glass treat canister: (22 ounces)-$7.00, (One Gallon)-$24.00

Treat and toy gift boxes: from $6.00

Gift boxes with bandanas: from $10.00

T-shirts: from $13.00